Value added services

Intrinsically linked with our storage and logistics offering, AGRO Merchants provides a wide range of innovative, integrated, and complex value-added solutions.

Utilizing leading-edge technologies and infrastructure, resources and expertise across different sectors of the food industry, we establish the most effective process for each individual product, in many instances we customize imported products for local or regional forward distribution, prepare goods for export to other countries or support manufacturing in order to simplify our customer’s supply chain.

We design equipment and deploy the necessary level of resources, investment and expertise to suit the requirements of each product and achieve the highest standards when performing a wide range of value added services.

Repacking services

Repacking services for both frozen and fresh products include manual, semi-automated and fully automated packing lines; solutions in place for all channels, including food service and retail, with a wide variety of customized packaging programs. Large scale solutions are in place across multiple facilities mainly supporting the fresh produce, frozen fruit & vegetables, meat, poultry and dairy sectors.

Blast and plate freezing

Large scale blast and plate freezing together with tempering are also provided in most AGRO Merchants facilities in combination with repacking and other value added services. Rapid freezing of products in specialized rooms or cells using a combination of modern and innovative technology.

Inspection services

On-site food safety, quality and regulatory inspection services for imported and exported products to facilitate the efficient and accurate flow of goods from origin to destination. In most locations AGRO Merchants is accredited, approved or certified to perform such inspections. Where local legislation enables it, we facilitate space and have veterinary and phytosanitary authority based on-site to facilitate optimal import-export inspections.

Technological innovations

AGRO Merchants Group has pioneered the deployment of cutting edge X-Ray technologies in a service package that assist our clients chemical lean analysis and foreign material detection. The service provides a more granular view on the composition of materials. This deployment is the first of many more expanded, technological innovations that AGRO Merchants bring to further support the growth, differentiation and innovation required to support our clients.

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Our extensive range of value added services include:

Fresh Produce

  • Cold Treatment completion
  • Quality inspection
  • Fumigation
  • Pre-Cooling
  • Ripening (avocado, mango, passion, stone fruit and others)
  • Flow packing and topseal tray packing
  • Netting, punnets and clamshell packing
  • Fruit cutting, sorting, weighing, cleaning, wiping and blowing
  • Drying of ginger and other products
  • 3D optical grading
  • Sales of secondary grade products
  • Environmentally responsible product disposal
  • On-site phytosanitary services

Proteins, Dairy, Frozen Fruits & Vegetables

  • USDA FSIS ID Service Exports and M&P 34560 Raw Intact Processing
  • Onsite USDA Meat Import Services, USDA ID Services (Repack and Export)
  • NVWA inspection (on-site), Organic Certification, QC Inspection, License for phytosanitary controls in-house
  • Border Inspection Point (BIP)
  • Blast and plate freezing
  • Product tempering
  • X-ray Chemical Lean validation of meat
  • Frozen bone-in product separation for packing
  • Flexible packaging and re-packing solutions including automatic multi-head portioning
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)
  • Metal detection (pre and/or post packaging)
  • Pet food/Category 3 sourcing, collection, grinding and mixing
  • Cheese maturation sampling and grading
  • Cheese cutting and packing


  • Import and export product inspection, quality and testing
  • Retail crate washing
  • De-boxing and re-boxing (blank or branded for trading, incl. application of own facility number)
  • Pallet break-down, case picking, carton decanting into crates for industry and retail (including automation)
  • Product weighing and labeling
  • Ingredient sorting and co-packing
  • Design and supply packaging materials (cartons, labels, etc. – including special branded versions)
  • Mixing lines for bagging up to 5 products, also powder/mixes