Value added services

Intrinsically linked with our storage and logistics offering, AGRO Merchants provides a wide range of innovative, integrated, and complex value add solutions.

Utilizing leading-edge technologies and infrastructure, resources and expertise across different sectors of the food industry, we establish the most effective process for each individual product, in many instances we customize imported products for local or regional forward distribution, prepare goods for export to other countries or support manufacturing in order to simplify our customer’s supply chain.

We design equipment and deploy the necessary level of resources, investment and expertise to suit the requirements of each product and achieve the highest standards when performing a wide range of value added services.

Technological innovations

AGRO Merchants Group has pioneered the deployment of cutting edge X-Ray technologies in a service package that assist our clients chemical lean analysis and foreign material detection. The service provides a more granular view on the composition of materials. This deployment is the first of many more expanded, technological innovations that AGRO Merchants bring to further support the growth, differentiation and innovation required to support our clients.

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Our extensive range of value added services include: