The AGRO Brand

In 2017, we started the process of moving all of our operating units to the international brand name and identity of AGRO Merchants Group. Moving to one brand - AGRO Merchants Group - not only provides a unified, consistent visual identity, but more importantly allows us to expand our capabilities and service offerings throughout our international network. Along with visual changes in terms of signage and logos, we will also be moving forward with process improvements that allow us to better serve you - our valued customers. AGRO will build upon our rich business heritage to provide even greater leadership in the markets we serve. We will maintain the strong local and regional values of our legacy businesses as we grow and develop our global network. By becoming one unified brand, our goal is to continue serving customer needs, while also reducing questions that may have been present during our transition. Furthermore, building the AGRO brand will help us expand into new markets as well as help you grow your business in our partnership together. Building an international brand is a process and we ask that you join us in this journey, to help us continue to serve your needs, while also embracing a more unified approach in the way we do business.

What does AGRO's rebranding mean for me?

While AGRO has grown largely through acquiring existing businesses, moving to a unified brand under AGRO Merchants Group has many advantages for our valued customers, including:
  • Allowing us to continue delivering best-in-class customer service
  • Creating a broader range of offerings
  • Providing even greater access to deep category expertise
  • Ensuring a consistent, reliable quality
  • Expansion for your access to world-class network and solutions
  • Improving market-to-market services
  • Minimizing questions between different operating units
  • Developing global team through a consistent visual identity

How does this transition to AGRO Merchants Group impact the local employees that help me with my needs?

While signage and other items will now feature the AGRO logo, you should not see any change to our ongoing commitment to serving your needs as you have come to expect from our team. Our teams will be kept intact at the local level to continue working closely with our valued customers. While it is understandable that you may expect changes, know that customer service remains our top priority. And we are excited about this transition, as we feel it will provide you with growth opportunities, as well as growth opportunities for AGRO and our employees.

Where can I find information about AGRO logos?

Please refer to our Brand Standards and Logos page.