AGRO Merchants Rotterdam, NL

Founded in 1998, AGRO Merchants Rotterdam is specialised in the areas of transhipment and storage of overseas fruit in the port of Rotterdam.The company’s clients ship their products mainly from Asia, Africa and the Americas. The site acts as the central point / consolidation center from where the products are further distributed to Europe. The company offers a full package of services, including stevedoring and warehousing.

Commodities Handled

  • Pallet Positions: 12,000
  • 19,000 square meters of temperature-controlled storage
  • Chilled storage
  • Produce handling & sorting
  • QC Inspection
  • Phyto Inspection
  • Customs Clearance
  • Order / case picking
  • Quayside stevedoring
Key Highlights
  • Specialist in fresh produce
  • Located directly at the quay in the Port of Rotterdam
  • Transport & distribution solutions
  • IFS Logistics
  • Organic
  • AEO
  • ISPC
  • QA controls and measurement of bananas license

Keilestraat 9c, Port 294
3029 BP, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
+31 104 780 075
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Patrick Biegstraaten
Operations Manager
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