Nordic Logistics and Warehousing

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA

AGRO Merchants Group has completed the acquisition of Nordic Logistics and Warehousing, LLC. For over 50 years, Nordic has been a major provider of temperature controlled and logistics distribution services in the Southeast of the United States.

Nordic is a multi-region cold chain provider composed of 12 facilities, more than 70 million cubic feet and 218,000 pallet positions, delivering dedicated solutions to the ever-changing needs of customers. Nordic specializes in end-to-end services, including import/export product handling, transportation, temperature-controlled warehousing, blast freezing, and state-of-the-art warehouse management and related technology.

The Nordic network currently serves major markets in the Southeast of the U.S., providing logistics solutions to manufacturers, retailers and food service operators across the region. The aquisition places AGRO network as the 5th largest global 3rd party temperature-controlled provider.

Nordic Public Services Include:
Red Prairie WMS | Rail service and cross docking | Blast freezing | Consolidation Programs | Fulfillment services | Transportation services

A Proud Member of the AGRO Merchants Group