AGRO Merchants Algeciras

Algeciras, Spain

The port of Algeciras is Spain’s leading container handling port and due to its unique strategic location at the Strait of Gibraltar is increasingly gaining importance as the container gateway to Europe for perishable products.

Commodities handled

  • Pallet Positions: 15,600
  • Cubic Meters: 94,000
  • Chilled storage
  • Frozen storage
  • Cross-docking
  • Order/Case picking
  • Produce handling & sorting
  • QC inspection
  • Border Inspection Point (BIP)
  • Customs clearance
Key Highlights
  • Quayside location in one of the key Spanish ports
  • Transport & distribution capabilities through AGRO’s own fleet or strategic subcontractors
  • Loading/unloading up to 28 net ton of cargo instead of 23 is possible due to in-port location
    On-site phyto & veterinary inspection
  • Import & export focused
  • Possibility for conventional stevedoring service development
  • Market leading import/export transit times
  • IFS
  • BRC (in application)
  • ISO 9001 -2008 (in application)

Contact persons

Eduardo Alvarez
General Manager, Algeciras/Sines

Rebeca Català
HR Manager, Spain