Frissul and Frigomato

Carregado, Portugal

Carregado, Portugal

AGRO Merchants Group has announced the addition of Cold Land SGPS, SA, the parent company of Frissul and Frigomato in Lisbon and Porto, to its portfolio.

Frissul and Frigomato provide strategic expansion of the AGRO Merchants Group into the Iberian Peninsula. These businesses are well known for their high level of quality, innovation and extensive expertise in value-added services, plus technology systems that enhance productivity throughout the distribution process. Between three locations in Lisbon and Porto, Frissul and Frigomato have 55,700 pallet positions in 303,200 m3 of cold storage space.

Cold storage of frozen and refrigerated products | Loading | Unloading | Cross-docking | Inspection on reception | Preparation | Shipping | Palletising | Re-Palletising | Labelling | Weighing

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