Fresh & Frozen

AGRO Merchants specialize in the handling of all major food commodities. Our coldstores are specially designed to accommodate a wide range of products which require different temperatures and atmosphere needs. Most of our facilities are equipped with the latest technology, equipment and space to ensure the necessary temperature at different stages of the cold chain. This includes multi-temperature storage chambers from -60°c to +12°c, as well as processing and high-capacity blast freezing, tempering, packaging, pre-cooling, ripening and fumigation areas to customize the product for the end market or consumer.

Fresh and frozen products handling

In addition to all type of frozen products, handling of ambient and fresh products represents a significant part of what we do with the necessary resources and capabilities in place to exceed customer expectations. Fresh fruit & vegetables, meat and dairy products are processed and distributed by AGRO Merchants daily with large scale volumes handled across 4 continents.

Quality assurance

Quality and IT systems are in place to ensure the integrity of your products and to provide real time inventory and temperature monitoring. The AGRO Merchants quality policy is based on the requirements of the industry and scientific knowledge of food safety to deliver superior cold chain solutions. Quality assurance systems, standards, audit and controls are managed by an extensive group of professionals at global, regional and local level. We are continuously investing in infrastructure and rigorous quality systems.


We apply strict procedures, supporting different independent certification schemes to improve food safety management – such as: BRC Food / BRC Storage & Distribution / IFS Food / IFS logistics /ISO 22000 / ISO 9001-2015 /ISO 14001 /AEO / FSSC 22000 / ISPS/ HACCP / ORGANIC(EKO) / Category 3 (petfood) / MSC-ASC / EC approval nr. / 360 quality for sea vessels / OHSAS-45001 / URSA (fair trade) / USDA / FDA / SQF / Primus / GFS / AIB.

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