Commodity Expertise

AGRO Merchants capabilities go beyond conventional coldstorage, we don’t just handle all food commodities and most products, but have true expertise, know-how, capabilities and infrastructure to support our customers with fully customized solutions based on individual product characteristics and needs.

Unique expertise

Our group is comprised of previously independent companies with unique commodity and value added expertise which bring years of individual product and different industries knowledge. AGRO Merchants was able to find and bring together this unique expertise, as well as focusing on sharing best practices are shared among existing and new locations.

Tailored solutions

A team of dedicated professionals is in place in each region for each commodity type, their role is to support personnel and customers at individual locations or countries with the product knowledge gained over several generations. Their responsibilities also include supporting existing and new customers to develop new programs such as new product flows, changes of product packaging for a more efficient supply chain or end-to-end supply chain design for a new product.

Wide range of commodities

In order to support a high level of customization, AGRO Merchants category managers are in place for the following commodities: Meats (beef, pork and other) / Poultry / Seafood / Fresh produce (fruit and vegetables) / Dairy / Consumer packaged foods (i.e. ice-cream, bakery and others) / Petfood (Category 3)

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