Coldstore Urk

Urk,  The Netherlands

Urk, The Netherlands

AGRO Merchants Group has completed the acquisition of Coldstore Urk B.V. and Coldstore Wibaco B.V., located in Urk and Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The Company’s latest partnership with Coldstores Urk and Wibaco will add true commodity expertise to the AGRO Merchants Group portfolio of companies. Coldstores Urk and Wibaco specialize in the fish logistics sector where they provide a comprehensive range of services including: transport, Border Inspection Post (B.I.P.), warehousing, repacking, picking and other value-added services.

The Coldstores Urk and Wibaco footprint includes three temperature-controlled facilities with a capacity of 25,000 pallets and the necessary floor space to provide a total package of services and solutions. Coldstores Urk and Wibaco are customs bonded warehouses and accreditations include AEO, ASC, MSC, SKAL, and IFS.

A Proud Member of the AGRO Merchants Group