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How to fill out the AGRO Customs form

The UK Transition period will end at midnight 31st December 2020 and the UK will leave the EU permanently. All traders will require Import & Export declarations. This will mean Border Checks and Documentation. Every Business will need an Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) Number. Products of Animal & Plant Origin will require health certification. A ‘No Deal’ Scenario will mean Input Tariffs (WTO) and Input VAT on both sides of the border between UK & EU.

There are new rules for businesses and citizens from 1 January 2021

AGRO Merchants are Leading way in Brexit Preparation for our Food & Logistics Supply Chain across all our UK & European sites including Ireland which is the only country in the EU with a land border between EU & UK.

We are here to support all our customers and ensure there is the least amount of disruption and delays as possible.

Give your business a competitive advantage by planning ahead

AGRO’s vision is to build on and further strengthen relationships and collaboration with all our customers.

Partnership with the Customs Clearing Consortium (CCC)

The HMRC recently announced a £200m contract to introduce customs checks on the Irish Sea. A two year contract for new trader support service (TSS) was awarded to a consortium led by Fijitsu and its partners, the Customs Clearance Consortium, an organisation run by customs expert Robert Hardy and the Institute of Export and International Trade.

AGRO have joined many leading Transport and logistics Providers and entered into a partnership with the Customs Clearance Consortium (CCC).

What and Who are CCC?

CCC are investing millions of pounds in computerised robotic state of the art technology fully integrated with HMRC portals. Find out more about the CCC here — > About the CCC

The relationship between the Customer, AGRO & the CCC

(a)  Customer = (Importer / Exporter)
(b)  AGRO = (Transport & Logistics) provider
(c)   CCC = (Customs Clearance Agent)

Click here to authorise CCC to act as your agent

Click here to complete your master data

We have added customs experience & knowledge in-house to our operations team with customs provide on-going support and training to all our employees.

Our IT department along with our application partners are developing full integration solutions between our Transport Management System (TMS) and CCC.

To make it easier for our customers we are setting up web access to our TMS portal where we will hold the customer master data and the enter the transactional data.

Brexit Processes & Estimated Costs made simple

Find out what your costs will be with this tool from CCC  *updated Aug 2020.

Example Customer, AGRO & CCC process flow.

*Other scenarios to follow

As a specialist groupage transport & logistics provider we will register for the Groupage Export Facilitation Scheme (GEFS).

Technical Terms and Abbreviations made easy.

On the UK side where possible we will register for CSFP (Customs Freight Simplified Procedure). Around 70% of UK import declarations are currently handled under the CFSP scheme. The scheme allows the importer or freight forwarder to present a simplified declaration at the border (SFD, simplified frontier declaration) and the final import declaration at the end of the month. It is widely used by the parcel operators as a means of keeping things moving. In Ireland it can only be used for low value consignments (typically parcels) but in the UK it was opened up to the trade generally.

In Ireland at our Dublin Facility we will apply for External Temporary Storage Facility (ETSF). ETSF is a temporary storage facility which is situated inside or outside the approved area of a sea or airport, where non-EU goods may be placed into storage prior to being placed under a customs procedure or re-exported.

The Dublin depot will also be suitable for a Border Inland Inspection Point.


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