In 2016 AGRO Merchants Lough Egish became the first third party provider to implement dedicated repacking infrastructure in Ireland, at their main warehouse in Lough Egish Food Park, Co. Monaghan. Their packing facility is still the only DAFM approved facility of its kind in Ireland.

Here are five reasons why you should consider outsourcing your packaging to a third party:

The full package

AGRO’s Lough Egish site operates a state-of-art, fully segregated packaging facility. The multi-head weigher portions products to fixed weight consumer bags. Visual checks and metal detection is carried out and  product and production related data is printed onto consumer packaging. The bags are then boxed, labelled and palletised, ready for distribution.

The site can also provide modified atmosphere packaging, that involves changing the atmosphere surrounding a food product. This method of packaging can help retain the freshness of the product for longer.

Integrated service offering

One of the key benefits of outsourcing your food packaging to AGRO is the range of integrated services the company offers alongside packaging.

AGRO specializes in chilled and frozen storage, blast freezing, tempering, order picking and also provides on-site micro testing. The company has its own integrated transport fleet with distribution centres in Lurgan (NI), Dublin (ROI) and Whitchurch (GB).

Savings on your operational costs

Apart from having access to AGRO’s network and integrated services, you can also save significant costs on labour and energy, when you decide to outsource your packaging. If you’re facing space constraints or can’t expand your own product lines, outsourcing might be the best option for you.


Outsourcing your food packing could allow you to focus on your core business. AGRO can pack your bulk imported product into retail ready packaging or repack the product, when there are ad-hoc changes to packaging. The machine can accommodate weight ranges from 0.36 to 2.00 kgs.

Fully certified

AGRO’s packing line in Lough Egish is licenced by the Approved License by Department

of Agriculture Food and Marine. The facility currently holds full BRC Global Food V8 accreditation at AA grade and is Halal approved for packaging and storage.


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