Last year we expanded our cold store in Urk, the Netherlands. The strategic investment brought the total capacity of the facility to more than 45,000 pallet positions and 20,000 square meters of refrigerated space. In addition to increased storage space, the expansion also enhanced the range of services provided.

Ultra Low Temperature Storage

A dedicated chamber for Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) storage at -60°C and blast freezing infrastructure were added to the facility, along with additional state of the art case picking areas.

Those enhancements give AGRO an important competitive advantage and the necessary capabilities to fully support our customers’ growth.

Freezing and storing fish at Ultra Low Temperatures eliminates any histamines or bacteria and preserves the “just-caught” characteristics of the fish such as colour and texture. At these Ultra Low Temperatures (ULT) all cellular activity stops, halting the natural decomposition of the fish. When fish goes though precautionary measures, such as this, it can be considered sashimi-grade and safe for consumption in its raw form.

What our experts say:

Gerrit Brands, Operations Manager, AGRO Merchants Urk:

“In Urk we operate one of the few Ultra Low Temperature storage facilities in Europe. This service together with the new blast freezing and picking infrastructure and our existing service portfolio allows AGRO Merchants Urk to offer a complete solution.”