AGRO Merchants Group, a global leader in cold storage and logistics solutions, announced the addition of refrigerated storage space at its Nashville facility to accommodate increasing demand. This new storage area will be maintained between 32°F and 38°F and enhances the site’s existing focus on storage and handling of frozen foods.

Patrick DesJardins, General Manager of AGRO Merchants Nashville, said: “In these challenging times, we must be as flexible as we can for our customers.”

“We’ve seen an increased demand for refrigerated storage and services, so we decided to diversify our service offering. We’ve added 1,100 pallet positions, which are immediately available to our customers.”

Nashville is a key hub for both eastbound and westbound distribution. AGRO’s facility is located on the east side of Nashville, in Lebanon, just off  I-40, in an area well-suited for distribution and for handling commodity items. In addition to storage, the site can provide value-added services such as product tempering, blast freezing, order picking and export documentation services.

For more information, please contact Patrick DesJardins, Bill Crotty or Vanderbilt Edwards.