Dear Valued Customers and Business Partners,

AGRO Merchants Group is committed to supporting our customers during this extraordinarily challenging period. Together, we must maintain the global food supply chain. It is our collective responsibility to ensure that groceries around the world will remain stocked with food, and that families are able to continue serving meals on their kitchen tables.

From very early on in this crisis, AGRO has pro-actively implemented site-level contingency plans that support normal business operations while instituting measures to protect the health and safety of our associates. These plans are constantly reviewed after consideration of site-level feedback, local government restrictions and overall data trends in infection rates. Our Infections Disease and Pandemic Plan establishes several potential outbreak scenarios that trigger a range of targeted response plans, so we are prepared for a wide range of possibilities. Finally, AGRO has a dedicated COVID-19 Response Team comprising executives across all functional disciplines that provides guidance and is available to all group locations 24/7.

The health and safety of our staff remains our top priority. In addition to a range of site-level actions to promote proper hygiene and social distancing, AGRO has restricted site-level access to business-critical visitors only, which means customers will generally not be permitted on site until further notice. We regret the inconvenience and hope you understand our approach in this situation.
We recognize that effective communication will be essential in the coming weeks. We have called many customers in recent days to discuss the evolving situation, present AGRO’s contingency plans, and ensure open and collaborative working relationships. We will continue to provide regular updates, and encourage all customers to contact your primary AGRO representative with any questions or requests for further information.

AGRO’s mission is to deliver superior fresh and frozen food handling solutions for our customers. I cannot think of a more important and inspiring mission for AGRO, indeed for all of us in the cold chain. We will do everything in our power to support our customers going forward, while also taking all appropriate measures to protect our valuable staff.

Kind Regards,

Carlos Rodriguez
CEO, AGRO Merchants Group