Nashville’s popularity as a logistics hub has been significantly increasing in the past several years, with major retailers and food producers moving to the area thanks to its strategic location within the country. AGRO has added a facility in Nashville to its global network in 2015. What are the huge benefits the location can offer in terms of logistics?

Nashville is a key distribution hub with an excellent connection with the ports of Savannah, GA and Charleston, NA. AGRO also has facilities in both of these locations. Nashville  also has immediate access to eight interstate highways – reaching 60% of the U.S. population within an 11 hour drive or less.

AGRO’s facility is located on the east side of Nashville, in Lebanon, just off  I-40, in an area well-suited for handling commodity items and for distribution. In the past year, AGRO has made significant investments into the facility, to replace freezer and dock doors and implement new equipment.

Managing Director Patrick DesJardins joined the team in 2018 and has helped the site to achieve major service improvements. Pat said:

“We’ve got a fantastic team here in Nashville. Everyone’s working really hard to deliver the best service to our customers. In May, 2019 we reached 165 consecutive days turning on-time outbound trucks within 2 hours or less, which is quite impressive.”

“Nashville has seen a surge in popularity as a key hub for many frozen food producers and distributors. The main reason is that instead of having to use multiple distribution centers across the country, they can only use one central hub.”

“When you look at our wide range of value-added services here at AGRO Merchants Nashville, such as order and case picking, blast freezing and repacking, it only makes sense to opt for one distribution hub, as it’s much more convenient and cost effective.”

To find out more about our services at AGRO Merchants Nashville, please contact AGRO’s Senior Director Business Development, Bill Crotty.