On the 21st of October 2018, we are bringing an international team together in Amsterdam, to run the annual Marathon, or Half Marathon. Some of the runners will take this opportunity to raise funds for a charity of their choice. Team AGRO will consist of 16 runners from the UK, the Netherlands, Austria and the U.S.

The annual marathon has been taking place in Amsterdam since 1975 and is known as one of the fastest marathons in the world.

We caught up with the runners to find out what motivated them to run a marathon / half-marathon and how did they prepare for it.

Adam Rushby:

“This has long been a bucket list item for me, and having the opportunity to run a marathon in a wonderful city like Amsterdam, with my team mates, and fund-raising for an amazing charity made the decision easy!”

“My training is improving, mentally I am far from prepared, but physically making good progress. Adjusting my diet and having a good training partner who is also training for a marathon helps keep me motivated.”

John Arthur:

“I was a college soccer player and am a competitive person.  I’ve never run a half marathon, but am used to training and thought this was a great event to attend with the team.  I started working for AGRO in February 2018, and enjoy the comradery with the company.”

“I play in two soccer leagues throughout the week. I supplement three-four other days solely running and extending my distance and endurance.”

Jason Yuen: “Running a (half) marathon was one of the things that I thought could never do, but at the same time admiring people who can. Inspired by colleagues who signed-up for the event, I decided to give it try to take on the physical challenge.”

“Since July I moved from running once a week (max 3km) to four times a week, following a training schedule with strong discipline building up duration and pace. Not easy with the busy work schedules and travelling. Discipline has never been my strongest, but so far so good. But I feel I am getting there.”

Rainer Schreckenthaler: 

“I’ve been running for the last 15 years and I ran a few half marathons and 3 marathons. But my training is not very intensive – I am running just for fun and hopefully I can finish the half marathon in Amsterdam.”

Cornelis Feiter: 

“I decided to run this together with colleagues which is good for the team spirit. I’m training by running twice a week. Once with at a local running club and once during the weekend.”

Alex Barnard: 

“We run as a team to set a new joint goal to reach. And to have a great running experience together. My motivation is the perspective of a nice pint of cold beer and laugh afterwards!”

Mike Bender: 

“I decided to run the marathon for two reasons.  First, as something to cross of my “bucket list” since this is an accomplishment I’ve always thought about achieving but never took the steps to train.  Second, this is a great opportunity for me to bond with my AGRO colleagues and enjoy a shared experience. “

“I don’t have much of a training plan other than to log lots of miles and do a long run every week or two – we’ll soon find out how this works out for me!”

Good luck to all the runners!