The annual event took place on the 28th and 29th of May in Zaragoza.

AGRO was invited to participate in the 4th annual Global Supply Chain Research Forum (GSCRF) to connect with Spanish supply chain leaders. Learning about recent research and discussing trends in the industry enables AGRO to implement innovative measures and technology.

As one of the top global leaders in temperature-controlled storage and logistics, AGRO contributed to the discussion by sharing our expertise on modern technology we use to set our customers ahead in the marketplace, reduce food losses and drive overall efficiencies in the cold chain.


Kasper Hansen, AGRO’s Business Development Director for Europe, represented the company at the event: “We were glad to take part in the GSCRF event. It gave us an opportunity to present our knowledge on the issues and network with industry peers.”

“We continue to grow and invest in Spain and the Iberian region, so learning about challenges and initiatives as seen from a customer side was truly insightful.”

“Research presented at the event confirmed, that despite advancement in big data analysis and decision making, machine thinking and other technologies, the human intervention, the service element is still critical and people are the factor that sets great companies ahead.”

“Hence, we shall continue our focus on balancing investment in new infrastructure as well as in human capital; talented, experienced and motivated people who can work with our customers to deliver efficient cold chain solutions.”

AGRO has a strong presence in the Iberian region, currently operating cold stores in Algeciras and Barcelona in Spain and in the Lisbon and Porto areas in Portugal.

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