The Port Authority of Algeciras, together with Procomer, the Costa Rican international trade development agency and Extenda, the Andalucian international trade development office, organised a trade mission in Costa Rica in April. Companies operating in the port of Algeciras took part in the mission, including AGRO Merchants, as the largest cold storage operator in the port.

Costa Rica is currently the number one exporter of pineapples and the number 2 exporter of bananas in the world. Due to increasing demand for these commodities, Costa Rica is working on developing new opportunities and exploring new export markets.

As a leader in fruit handling, AGRO Merchants was invited to be part of the commercial visit to better understand the challenges of fresh produce exporters and to be able to discuss and accommodate the needs of their clients.

AGRO’s state-of-art facilities can offer multiple benefits to Costa Rican exporters. The location of AGRO’s port-based facilities enable the company’s customers to optimize their operations, reduce costs and reduce the time to market. A number of AGRO’s facilities are directly connected to Costa Rica, and Algeciras is the port with shortest transit times from Costa Rica to Spain.

Commodity expertise and a wide range of value-added services are some of AGRO’s key assets. The company’s local teams have a vast amount of experience with handling fresh produce and the modern facilities are capable of handling large volumes of both fresh and frozen produce.

APM terminals indicated an upcoming new investment in the Moín Port, this coming autumn, which will enable the port to receive ships of larger sizes. Top ports, such as Algeciras or Rotterdam, are well-equipped to receive large vessels, which will add another benefit to AGRO’s clients.

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