AGRO Merchants Algeciras has been awarded the IFS Logistics certification, passing with the highest grade. The certification demonstrates the firm’s continuous commitment to providing the highest quality of service to their customers and improving internal company processes.

IFS Logistics is an internationally recognised standard for auditing organisations operating in storage and logistics, that sets a level of expectations for transparency throughout the supply chain and covers multiple areas, such as management responsibility and quality, product safety and realization of service amongst others, with specific requirements for storage and handling conditions.

Hans Kroes, Managing Director of AGRO Merchants Iberia, commented: “We are very proud to have achieved the IFS certification at our Algeciras facility. To us, it’s a recognition of the hard work and dedication of our team to continuous improvement and a high standard of service to our clients.”

AGRO Merchants expanded their facilities in Algeciras in 2016 to reach 15,600 pallet spaces. The cold store’s flexible solutions for fresh and frozen products alike has contributed significantly to the company’s value offering to its clients.

The greatest benefits AGRO’s Algeciras facility can offer to the group’s clients are market-leading export and import transit times, strong inland transport and distribution network across Iberia and integrated solutions for multiple commodities and temperatures.

One of AGRO’s strategic goals is to become the leading cold storage and logistics service partner serving the Iberian Peninsula. Apart from the Algeciras facility, AGRO also operates two sites in Barcelona, and two in Portugal – in Lisbon and Porto.

About AGRO Merchants Group

AGRO Merchants Group owns and operates 63 facilities in 11 countries in Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific. AGRO is dedicated to delivering superior fresh and frozen food handling solutions through our international facility network using local market knowledge with a focus on customer care and sustainability. AGRO’s vision is to be the leading partner in temperature-controlled logistics for the global food industry, recognized for innovative thinking, commodity expertise and ability to integrate businesses, driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and respect for its rich heritage.