The 20th edition of APLOG , the largest logistics conference in Portugal, took place this week, with representation from all major industries, such as retail, aerospace, food and others. The main theme of this year’s conference was ‘360⁰ Logistics in a Changing World’.

As one of the top international logistics players, AGRO Merchants Group was asked to cover the food sector and in particular the global cold chain industry.

AGRO’s CEO, Carlos Rodriguez, spoke about how the company became one of the largest and most international cold storage and logistics providers in just four years since its establishment.

The recent years have seen a continuous growth in international food trade, which also increased the demand for cold storage facilities, especially in combination with commodity and value added services expertise. Global perishable reefer trade outpaced global GDP growth, as the consumption of fresh foods, especially fruit, increased significantly.

Market trends are driving a growing need for international service providers with multi-product solutions and integrated cold chain services. In four years, AGRO has developed an international network with presence in 11 countries in Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific, by joining forces with high quality local providers and integrating them in one unified company.

AGRO continues to build on the expertise and reputation of the portfolio companies and at the same time facilitates best practice sharing and expansions across existing and new markets. The goal is to reduce complexity, facilitate market-to-market programs and enable supply chain improvements. This allows customers to work with AGRO as a single service provider for all their cold chain needs.

About AGRO

AGRO Merchants Group owns and operates 61 facilities in 11 countries in Europe, North America, Latin America, and Asia Pacific. AGRO is dedicated to delivering superior fresh and frozen food handling solutions through its international facility network using local market knowledge with a focus on customer care and sustainability. AGRO is invested to be the leading partner in temperature-controlled logistics for the global food industry while being recognized for innovative thinking, commodity expertise and ability to integrate businesses, driven by entrepreneurial spirit and respect for its rich heritage.