EU and Japan Close to Reaching a Free Trade Agreement

The European Union and Japan presented an ‘agreement in principle’ in Brussels on Thursday, the 6th of July. After 4 years of negotiations, the parties have reached a deal that will see 99 percent of tariffs on goods traded between the EU and Japan removed. Although some issues remain open, the parties have managed to compromise on several major points.

Based on the deal, Japan will eliminate or reduce tariffs on most agri-food exports, including meat and some types of cheese and dairy products. The now complex process of export into Japan is also set to be simplified.

The EU has predicted, that the deal could increase exports of processed food, such as meat and dairy products to Japan by up to 180%.

AGRO Merchants Group has been and will continue to monitor the progress of the deal and welcome the recent developments.

“We are excited to be following the positive developments towards a historically large free trade agreement between Japan and EU – and even more excited on behalf of our European customers producing and trading in meat, dairy, fruit, and vegetables.” said Kasper Hansen, AGRO’s Business Development Manager for Europe.

“We already have cold store and packaging facilities licensed to handle export for Japan; from the Southern tip of Spain (Algeciras), via Rotterdam to Poland and several in between. We welcome questions and inquiries from existing and new customers on how we can help preparing to reap the benefits of this new market opening.”

For more information, please contact Kasper Hansen,, +31 6 52770532.