AGRO Sponsored the Annual ‘Urk Fisheries Days’

Urk is one of the fishing hubs and the largest fish and seafood processors in the Netherlands. Every two years the ‘Urk Fisheries Days’ are held to give the public an insight into the industry, participate in fun activities, and to taste delicious fresh fish and seafood dishes straight from the North Sea.

During the week that the event takes place, many of the local fish and seafood companies open their doors for visitors to show them the latest processing techniques. The week is wrapped up with a day out in the port, where the guests get to sail on a fishing boat, experience a fleet show and various cooking demonstrations.

The goal of the bi-annual event is to present the highlights of the local fishing sector in Urk to the community and raise awareness of responsible fishing and the excellent products of the North Sea.

AGRO’s Urk site – Coldstore Urk, has been part of AGRO Merchants Group since 2014 and their facilities were further expanded in 2015 to accommodate increased demand of their customers.

Gerrit Brands, Managing Director of Coldstore Urk, shared: “The Urk Fisheries Days are very popular and attract a lot of visitors. It’s a great opportunity for us to interact with the community and local businesses. We wanted to show our support for the event with our sponsorship.”