AGRO Merchants Celebrates the Addition of a New Rotterdam Cold Store to the Group

AGRO Merchants Group’s new Rotterdam-Maasvlakte facility started operations in December 2016.

Rotterdam, the Netherlands – AGRO Merchants Group completed the first phase of the Rotterdam-Maasvlakte facility in December 2016. The 18,000-pallet-space cold store expanded the company’s service offering to its client base in the critical port hub.

AGRO Maasvlakte

AGRO Merchants Rotterdam-Maasvlakte provides comprehensive services for the meat and seafood industry and serves as a replacement Veterinary Border Inspection Point (BIP), which previously operated in Coldstore Wibaco, Barendrecht.

All of these are immense benefits to importers and exporters through AGRO’s global network.  The flexible multi-temperature cold store can handle a wide range of frozen and chilled commodities and offers the possibility to develop custom packaging areas and a wide range of additional value-added services.

AGRO celebrated the opening of the new facility on January 13th with their customers and partners.

Jan Harthoorn, Vice President Strategic Development Europe, said: “It made sense for us to have a stronger presence in the port of Rotterdam. It’s a key location for global trade of meat, fish and fruit. The fact that we have facilities in 9 countries worldwide makes us stand out amongst our competitors.”

Carlos Rodriguez, President of AGRO Merchants Europe, praised the team for excellent cooperation on the project and spoke about the future plans of the company: “It´s a milestone for our group as we have proven that we can do greenfield projects and will do many more in the future. Several exciting projects are ahead of us this year- we are really close to entering two more European countries in the next six months.”


About AGRO Merchants Group

AGRO Merchants Group owns and operates 57 facilities in 9 countries in Europe, North America Latin America and Asia Pacific with more than 750,000 square meters of cold storage space. The company is focused on providing innovative cold chain solutions on a global basis by partnering with the highest quality family businesses and creating new, reliable and integrated networks to help its customers grow. AGRO invests in modern assets, industry-leading technologies, and value-added service offerings to ensure the highest quality supply chain management standards in the industry.